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Plastic products are the general name of daily and industrial products which are processed with plastic as the main raw material. Including plastic as raw materials for injection molding, blister and other processes of products. Plastic is a kind of plastic synthetic polymer materials.

It, together with synthetic rubber and synthetic fiber, form three indispensable synthetic materials in daily life. Specifically, plastic is a kind of material with natural or synthetic resin as the main component, adding various additives, which can be molded into a certain shape under certain temperature and pressure, and keep the shape unchanged at room temperature.

Most plastics have strong corrosion resistance and do not react with acid and alkali. The manufacturing cost of plastics is low. Durable, waterproof and light weight. It is easy to be molded into different shapes. It's a good insulator. Plastics can be used to make fuel oil and fuel gas, which can reduce crude oil consumption.