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Rubber product refers to the activities of producing various rubber products with natural and synthetic rubber as raw materials, and also includes the rubber products produced by recycling waste rubber.


The rubber industry is developing with the automobile industry. With the rapid development of automobile industry and petrochemical industry in the 1960s, the production level of rubber industry has been greatly improved. In the 1970s, in order to meet the needs of high-speed, safety, energy saving, pollution elimination, pollution prevention and other aspects of automobiles, new tire varieties have been promoted. Raw rubber consumption accounts for a considerable proportion in transportation. For example, a Jiefang 4-ton truck needs more than 200 kg of rubber products, a hard seat carriage needs more than 300 kg of rubber products, a 10000 ton ship needs nearly 10 tons of rubber products, and a jet airliner needs nearly 600 kg of rubber products. In sea, land and air transportation, rubber products are indispensable. As a means of transport, tyres are a major accessory. In addition to the production of ordinary tyres, radial tyres and tubeless tyres have also been vigorously developed, and some of the underground railways have also adopted rubber tyres. Railway vehicles and automobiles should be popularized and applied with rubber spring damping products and airtight rubber release. Large stores, stations and subways are also using manned transport belts. In addition, there are also "hovercraft" and "hovercraft" made of rubber. There are more rubber products, large and small, which are needed by the industrial and mining industry departments. They have many varieties, wide uses, and some have special requirements. The main products are tape, rubber tube, sealing washer, rubber roller, rubber plate, rubber lining and labor protection articles. In mining, coal, metallurgy and other industries, the belt is used to transport the finished products, which is emerging all over the country. In order to meet the needs of large-scale production, steel wire rope core conveyor belt and synthetic fiber conveyor belt are also produced. The service life of rubber lining of grinding mill for mining is increased by two to four times and the noise is reduced by using forged rubber instead of manganese steel. This product has been popularized in the world. The development of agriculture, forestry, water conservancy, agriculture, forestry and water conservancy also needs a variety of rubber products. In addition to various tires for tractors and agricultural machinery, the number of rubber crawlers for combine harvesters, rubber impervious layers for irrigation pools, water tracks and reservoirs, rubber dams, rubber boats, life-saving appliances and other users are growing. In agricultural and sideline processing equipment and forest, animal husbandry and fishery technology In terms of equipment, there are rubber parts. For example, a tieniu-40 wheeled tractor needs as many as 121 rubber products. With the development of agricultural mechanization and water conservancy, more and more rubber products are needed. Military solid defense rubber is an important strategic material, which is widely used in military and national defense. For example, a tank needs more than 800 kg of rubber, and a 30000 ton warship needs 68 tons of rubber. Almost all military equipment, air force facilities and national defense projects have rubber footprints. There are also many kinds of ships, tents, warehouses, protective equipment and bathing suits made of rubber. As for the rubber products with high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, oil resistance, high vacuum resistance and other special properties required by the advanced technology of enclosure protection, it is even more indispensable. With the development of national defense modernization, rubber is required to be able to withstand the temperature range of - 100-400 ℃, and can resist various acids, alkalis and oxidants with special properties. It is under development and production. In the modern construction of civil engineering, rubber is more useful. For example, glass windows used in buildings are sealed with rubber strips, sound proof floors, green sponge, rubber carpets, rainproof materials and walls painted with emulsion paint. Since the mid-1960s, large rubber spring cushions have been installed in buildings to reduce the vibration and noise caused by the subway. The rubber cushion which can reduce the damage of earthquake to buildings is still being trial manufactured abroad. The development of this kind of rubber product is of great significance. Inflatable rubber soft rubber latex cement and jiaozhouqing, which are used to manufacture concrete hollow components, are widely used in construction projects. Mixing latex with cement can improve the elasticity and wear resistance of cement. Adding 3% rubber or latex into the asphalt to pave the road surface can prevent the cracking of the road surface and improve the impact resistance. The machinery, transportation equipment and protective equipment used in the construction are all equipped with rubber parts. Another characteristic of electrical communication rubber is that it has good insulation and is not easy to conduct electricity. All kinds of wires and T-handle cables are made of rubber. Hard rubber is also used to make rubber tube, rubber bar, rubber plate, partition and battery shell. In addition, it is widely used as protective equipment, insulating gloves, insulating rubber boots, etc. There are many rubber products used in medical and health departments, such as gloves, ice bags, sponge cushions, etc. for diagnosis, blood transfusion, catheterization, gastrointestinal lavage in anesthesiology, Urology, surgery, brain surgery, orthopedics, five palace department, radiology and other departments. Rubber products are also used as accessories of medical equipment and instruments. Medical rubber products often have a special requirement for it, such as non-toxic, sterilization, physiological inertia, radiation resistance and so on. The butyl rubber of rubber towel has high biological inertia, chemical stability and micro water permeability and air permeability. It is used to process rubber stoppers to ensure high moisture absorption and anti-cancer agent preservation. Silicone rubber is more and more widely used in the manufacture of medical products. For example, silicone rubber has made great progress in the manufacture of artificial organs and human tissue substitutes. It is also used to make drug capsules, which are put into the body at a proper position to make the capsules